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Blue Route MTB (VTT) Challenge!

Okay, so it’s not an official challenge, but I have set myself a goal of riding all the VTT routes graded blue in these two maps:

The VTT Pyrénées Cathare map, which includes 6 blue routes. This covers the area from Belesta to Lavelanet and Montesgur, and extends to Lac du Montbel.

Map of graded VTT routes in the Cathare area of the Ariege

And the VTT Aude en Pyrénées map, which has 9 blue-graded routes. This covers an area from Limoux, Quillan, and over to Chalabre and the Aude-region side of Lac du Montbel.

Map of graded VTT Routes in the Aude

There are 19 blue routes in total. Here’s the list and where I am with them. I’ll be writing and posting ride reports as I go along and also providing links to my GPX files.

Once the blues are done, I’ll be onto the reds – but I’m not there yet.

Nebias13km+230mTo doVTT Aude #1
Espéraza -> Gránes -> St Ferriol -> Campagne sur Aude16km+320mTo doVTT Aude #5
Puivert -> Nebias16km+90mTo do VTT Aude #10
Chalabre -> St. Colombe25km+200mTo do VTT Aude #13
Chalabre 17km+180mTo do VTT Aude #14
Puivert10km+250mDone!VTT Aude #20
Belvis28km+530mTo do VTT Aude #22
Belcaire -> Roquefeuil27km+650mTo doVTT Aude #23
Belcaire -> Camurac15km+500mTo do VTT Aude #25
Les Gorges de Péreilhe14km+250mTo do VTT Cathare #2
Vallons (Carla-de-Roquefort)10km+200mTo do VTT Cathare #6
Pays d’Olmes10km+172mTo doVTT Cathare #7
La Voie Verte16km+350mTo do VTT Cathare #8
Pays d’Olmes Est10km+250mTo doVTT Cathare #10
Le Rives du Lac21.6km+300mTo do VTT Cathare #15

Have you ridden these trails? Let me know how you got on, what you enjoyed about the ride – and what you didn’t!

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