It seems I’ve been pootling along in a daze, not really grasping what moving house means in terms of the effort required to make it happen. James, on the other hand, has been busting a gut, essentially leading the way while I look on in bewilderment through the fog of newborn nappies and toddler tantrums. But now I get it. If we’re to meet our self-imposed deadline we have quite a to-do list. It looks something like this:

  • Find somewhere to live. This involves finding a fully-furnished property that doesn’t cost the earth, has a heat source to see us through winter, is safe for cats and kids, and that we like, so nothing fussy, full of stuff that could easily be dismantled by a two year old.
  • Figuring out how to get us and our stuff there. We live down a very narrow lane and are likely to move to a property down and equally narrow lane. Plus the property we find may not have much storage space so do we use movers or buy a van? Do we buy a decent van in the hope of selling it on or a crap one we intend to scrap? And how do we get the kids and the cats there when it’s in the best interest of one to get there as fast as we can with few breaks (cats) and the other (kids) to spend only short stretches in the car with frequent stops? 
  • Getting everyone legally ready to go. We need four new passports before we can go anywhere: one for our new baby and one for each of the cats. For the cats this involves rabies jabs, microchips, and some official documents verifying they have the above. For the baby it’s less complicated thankfully, although he does still need all his vaccinations, which will be fun for him.
  • Decluttering on an enormous scale. We have a lot of crap and clutter in our house. Not everything is worth selling but some of it is. This means we’ve been taken over by boxes, for recycling, depositing at the charity shop, freegling, or ebaying. James is doing much better at this than me but I am getting the hang of it. I gave away all my LPs on Wednesday which was a big deal. I feel okay about it now but at the time it was emotional.
  • Getting on with all the above while maintaining normal life. That means shopping, cooking, washing, taking DD to play with her friends (and meet mine too), trips to the dentist, visiting family and friends, etc. I would add cleaning but we’ve pretty much given that up until the floors are visible again.

Im sure I’ve missed a few things off, but these are the really big ones. Oh, and I’m trying to get back to fitness. Some might say that I’ve got enough to do (see above) without spending time exercising each day but for me it comes under the heading of self care and is therefore non-negotiable. More about that on my other blog.

So, lots going on and, as I’m frequently reminded, only 12 weeks (ish) to go! 

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