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It’s complicated

Reality check: we are planning to move to France in October, which means we have roughly 16 weeks to do everything we need to do to make that happen. This last week James has been incredibly busy trying to find a place for us to move to, as our plan is first to rent then to buy as that will enable us to check out nurseries, schools, etc. However, it turns out that finding what is termed a long-term furnished let that allows pets (we have cats), is safe for both children and said pets, and has some form of heating is complicated. 

Then there’s the logistics of getting there. Is that complicated or what!? Cats are the critical factor in all moving scenarios, making the whole darned process pretty darned complicated! It’s a good job we think of them as family or they’d be out in their soft pointy ears.

Then there’s the troublesome problem of only one of us really having the time and headspace or having the use of both arms simultaneously to do much if this. Clue: that person is not me. Complicated further by the fact that my brain is so smashed from 1, 2, 3am wake ups (and the rest) that everything J tells me he’s done goes in one ear and out if the other. What I need is for him to write things down but that’s not his style. Oh boy. Complicated!

Finally, there’s this Brexit referendum nightmare to take into account. The potential implications of the Leave lot getting their way are not worth thinking about. The vote is later this month. It’s a pretty complicated question to put to the general public, in my view; far, far too complicated!

So here we are. 16 weeks and counting. And its all a bit complicated.

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