Moving day!

Well, not quite, but today the movers – Matthew James – are here, taking all our worldly goods away, to be returned to us some time in the near future. James did a lot of research before deciding to use them, checking reviews on Trust Pilot and doing thorough checks on the Internet to make sure there weren’t any skeleton’s lurking, and I think it paid off because they seem very professional and experienced. I particularly like that they keep telling James to sit down and relax, which he badly needs to hear! I know he was stressing about the physical effort involved in getting the boxes up to the lorry, which doesn’t actually fit down our lane, but they’ve been using our Passat as the shuttle vehicle and so far we haven’t had to lift a finger, which is lovely. The only downside is that we’re a little bit trapped in the house with nothing for lunch, so I’ve just made an executive decision and ordered pizza. Yum.

They arrived at 9am, as they said they would, and have been at it the whole time. We’re part of a larger collection and the previous homeowners understimated so they’re having to do some fancy footwork to fit it all in. It may yet turn out that they can’t fit all our stuff in, which would be a pain, but hey ho. They are certainly trying their best to get it in and it’s not their fault that the previous load was much larger than anticipated.
On an emotional level, I’m mostly feeling relief. Packing and clearing out has basically taken over our lives for the last few months and I’ll be glad to see the back of it all. Looking around the house it stills feels homely, even without all our clutter, but it’s interesting that I don’t feel attached to it as a place. As with everything that’s led us to this point in time I really feel it’s the right time to move on. Of course I will be sad to move away from all my wonderful friends, and since there have been a lot of teary goodbyes in this last couple of weeks it has and is emotional on that level, but I’m also excited to both have a bit of rest and then get on with our new life. We still have a lot of cleaning to do but after today one more sleep before we leave this house and move on. Awesome!

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