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Road Ride!

Everyone seemed to be melting down on Friday, with lots of shouting from DD who was in an I Want It Now kind of mood, so when James needed to pop out on an errand I saw an opportunity: yes, of course I’m happy to stay here in the mad house you are about to escape from but in exchange? A bike ride, thank you very much. The weather wasn’t great – it was windy, almost cold, overcast – and more than once I thought maybe I was too tired so would go another day but when he got back and DD suggested going to the park I saw my chance. So here it is: my first road ride in I have no idea how long. Two years, three? It’s been a while. Getting out today, even though only for a short while, was made so much sweeter by the awesomeness of the landscape: I’ve wanted to ride these roads since we first came in holiday 6 years ago. And now here I am.

It was only a short loop, just 7 miles, but had a couple of nice climbs and a fab descent. Not a bad 30 minute loop for when I only have 30 minutes, which will be often.

If you want to see the route, check the Relive video below.

Bonus of the ride was coming across a fairly newborn foal with its mother. A beautiful sight.

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