Here’s a list of links to walks I’ve written up. Most of these will be family-friendly, so short distances and with considerations like access to toilets, cafes, shops (for supplies) etc. factored in. Once in a while, James and I get out on our own, in which case a longer route will turn up here. In those cases, we tend to just get ourselves ready and go. In that case, the main concern will be parking.

I’ll group the walks by distance and flag them for difficulty: although some walks around here are short they’re not exactly easy given the terrain, so may not be suitable for small children – as we found out when we attempted a couple of routes the first time and were quite unprepared. As with anything, being prepared is key and knowing your route is part of that.

You can view these by start points on the main Things To Do map. Look for the foot icon.

I hope you find my route reports useful. If you go out and try any of them, please let me know how you got on!

Walks in the Aude

Blog PostMapStart LocationDistanceAscent
The Sentier des Plâtriers link11260 Rouvenac4.63 km185 m
Vultures and the Roman Bridgelink11190 Bugarach5.67 km198 m
Les Sapins Géantlink11500 Montmija5 km105m

Walks in the Ariege

Blog PostMapStart LocationDistanceAscent
Gorge de la Fraulink09300 Pélail 4.06 km382 m
Refuge du Chioulalink09110 Ignaux5.5 km176 m

Blog Posts about Walks

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