Well, that was stressful!

Last day, we made it. Our stuff has gone, the cats are in their baskets in the car, the kids are still alive and snoring in the back, and James and I have managed to crack a smile or two, and we are on our way at last. It has been an extraordinarily long 24 hours, not least because I lost my wallet yesterday afternoon and consequently cancelled all my cards not 2 minutes before it was found, so my relaxing afternoon littering around to get on top of the cleaning turned into an exhausting and emotional mad dash to get cash to cover the entirety of our journey and first week or so. Not what we needed! Anyway, that was yesterday. The knock on effect meant today was an uphill struggle, not made any easier by one tired little girl wanting and needing some reassurance from her two very stressed out and busy parents. We survived. Tomorrow is another day. We’re on our way and that’s that: chapter closed!

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