Thanks for stopping by. This site started off as a sort of diary of life after our move to France. When we first arrived I enjoyed around 18 months of time just to be with me then young children. Since then the pace of life has picked up: my children are starting to form their own lives around school and friends, I have a business to run, and a new one just launching – plus we still have a house to build. This means the blog is quite far down the list of things to do, so now I occasionally post about general “Life in France” stuff but more often I share routes and write-ups from walks, generally suitable for families, and any cycle routes I find – also with a family-friendly slant. If you want to scroll through the whole thing, hop over to the Blog page. Or you can dive straight into a category that interests you using the links below.

Life in France

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Places to Visit

A Quiet Christmas in France

It’s Christmas! It’s the first year that DD has really grasped the concept and for…

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Bike Rides

Road Ride!

Everyone seemed to be melting down on Friday, with lots of shouting from DD who…

A Circuit of Puivert

I blagged a pass out today so decided to go off and quickly reccie the…

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Everything Else

Facebook addiction, moi?

Maybe, maybe not. Whatever. Lately, there have been quite a lot of articles, such as…

One Year On

Yesterday marked 12 months since we left the UK and started our adventure on the…

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